​Katie Faye Fitness




About Me:

I was born and raised in the infamously brisk state

of Minne[snow]ta and am passionate about leading

women, leaders and youth through health and fitness.

I have been an athlete all my life playing basketball

and figure skating from a young age and in 2015 

self-trained, competed and received my Pro Card in the IFPA Natural Bikini division of body building. 

I became passionate about health and fitness when I began noticing the dramatic positive effects it had on my life. It was at that time that I was inspired to help other's achieve comparable happiness through health and fitness. I am wholeheartedly passionate about continuing to learn about health and fitness and teaching my knowledge to the world around me. 

I earned my degree in Business Management and Communications at the University of Minnesota. My personal training certifications include CPT through NASM & ISSA, PN1 and Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise. My professional experience has included working with local CEO's, news anchors, professional athletes, and youth athletes to name a few. 

I am a firm believer that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their dreams through hard work, consistency and faith. Whether you are simply tuning in, or working directly with me through one of my personal training programs, join me as we work together to achieve greater healthiness.


- October 2015: Northern States Bikini Body Building Competition

        1st Place Novice, 2nd Place Open

- November 2015: USA Super Pro Body Building Competition

        1st Place Open, Best Presentation, IFPA Pro Recipient!

- May 2016: Mr. & Mrs. Minnesota Body Building Competition

        Pro Debut

- September 2017

        Artistry Award Winner, Lifetime Fitness

- 2017-2018 Timberwolves Season

        MN Timberwolves Dance Team Lead Nutrition Coach

- 2018-2019 Vikings Season

        MN Vikings Cheerleaders Lead Nutrition Coach

- 2018-2019 Timberwolves Season

        MN Timberwolves Dance Team Lead Nutrition Coach

- 2018 Best of Minneapolis - Personal Trainer