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"I'm keeping up my exercise and weights and have already lost 7lbs so far! Thank you!"           -K.W.

"Training with Katie has been such an empowering experience. She has helped me change in body, mind and spirit to not only reach my fitness goals but to think bigger. Her drive and what she has accomplished with her own personal fitness inspires me to push myself every day. I also really appreciate that she goes the extra mile with fun and healthy recipes to try! She always makes time to chat with me about my health and ways to stay on track with better eating habits. Katie seriously is the whole package and I am so excited to continue to work with her!"

- Katie S.




"The training keeps me accountable throughout the week.  It also makes me more cognizant of the decisions I am making.  I have definitely liked the weight training aspect because as a female that whole section of the gym can sometimes be intimidating.  Thanks for everything!"

-Lauren M

​​At the end of the day, my priority is to provide each one of my clients with a positive and empowering experience!

Katie is so fun to work with! I used to be so intimidated by weights and Katie has made it so approachable for me and made me feel like it's okay to strength train as a woman.

- Kira M

​Katie Faye Fitness