"I'm Interested! Now what?"

Step 1: Form: Complete the consultation form below 
Step 2: 
Schedule: Katie will reach out to schedule your complementary consultation.

​Step 3: Consult: Discuss your goals and training recommendations

Step 4:Commit: Commit to yourself and your goals

LOCATION: In Person Only

FREQUENCY: 2 days/week

SERVICES: Workout and Nutrition


- Customized workout program

- Customized Habit-based Nutrition Coaching

- Body Composition Measurements

- 24 hour support

Silver Package: 

Bronze Package:

GOLD Package:

[Greatest Value]

Gold Package Pricing (Cost per Month):

Individual: $720.00

Couple: $1,080.00

SERVICE: Workout OR Nutrition Only

(Workouts/Nutrition Coaching provided electronically only)


- Customized monthly workout or nutrition program

- 24 hour support

​Katie Faye Fitness

"What is the recommended amount of time I need to prepare for my Wedding Day?" 

I recommend scheduling a consultation at least 6 months prior to your wedding day. Each client will require a different amount of time to attain their personal goals. Clients who have seen the greatest success have made physical and nutritional adjustments more than 6 months prior to their wedding while training a minimum of 2x a week.

Wedding Prep Program

Consultation Form:

It's time to prepare YOURSELF for one of the biggest days of your life! Identify which package below best suits your needs!




Bronze Package Pricing (Cost per Month):

Individual: $107.00

Couple: $169.00

Silver Package Pricing (Cost per Month):

Individual: $140.00

​Couple: $199.00

SERVICE: Workout and Nutrition

(Workouts and Nutrition Coaching provided electronically only)


- Customized Monthly Workout program

- Customized Monthly Nutrition Coaching

- 24 hour support